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The natural ingredients used in the preparation of teas, tea mixtures and spice mixtures contain substances with beneficial physiological effect, the effectiveness of which is proved in many cases by pharmacopoeias in addition to authentic literature sources.
Ingredients are based on archaeological finds and sources.

We know from archaeological research that in the past, some plants were domesticated and grown for consumption, while others were harvested in the wild. Since the plant remains can, under certain conditions, be preserved for a longer period of time, they are often discovered by archaeologists during excavations. The discovered plant remains and their quantities enable archaeologists to reconstruct what people ate during a certain time period.

- ingredients of the 'venison mix': coriander, bay leaf, juniper berries, pepper grass, chives.
- ingredients of the 'meat mix': mustard seeds, cumin, parsley, celery.
- ingredients the 'bread mix': coriander, cumin, mustard seeds, fennel, anise

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