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On the 27th of June, the renowned archaeological site of Brinjeva gora above Zreče in the Syria region of Slovenia hosted a special event. The site itself was a hilltop settlement with remains of occupation that span from the Early Bronze Age (1900-1600 BC) to the Late Roman period (4th century AD). Today its peaceful and wooded surroundings mostly attract nature lovers and hikers.
On the before-mentioned day, the woods of Brinjeva gora buzzed with unusual activity. The pupils of the local primary and high school, together with other visitors, gathered to not only observe but also to experience different skills and activities the way our Bronze and Iron Age ancestors performed them. With the help of skilled artisans, experimental archaeologists and archaeology student of the University of Ljubljana, they were introduced to a reconstruction of a prehistoric pottery kiln, they could try for themselves how much bellowing is needed to smelt a handful of copper, help an iron smith with his work and try-out out a stone axe. They even got a chance to taste the foods, made only from ingredients known already in the Bronze and Iron Ages.
All of that, hopefully, left the visitors with a greater appreciation of the abilities and ingenuity of prehistoric communities, together with a sense of importance of our Bronze and Iron Age cultural heritage.

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